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Greetings from Team SolarMobil!

“Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations.”

After a grueling and demanding period of about 5-6 weeks, we are proud to announce the completion of the chassis for Project 3.

Chassis is a very crucial part of the whole car. It is like a support system to the whole car. If the chassis design is not accurate, all the components of the car which are to be fitted into the frame will not mesh together and will result in poor performance of the vehicle.

Accuracy is the key

Mechanical head, Avaneesh Upadhyaya, speaking on the behalf of the manufacturing team says, “Accuracy is the most important factor in manufacturing. If the chassis is not accurate, all the components which are to be fitted will not mesh and will result in poor performance of the vehicle”. He further adds ”Overall, the entire chassis needs to be highly accurate, but special care is taken for the suspension box. This is done so because if the suspension points are misplaced, the entire stability of the car goes for a toss. The forces act in a haphazard manner and it results in weakening of the chassis.”

Hurdles are meant to be overcome

According to most of the team members, biggest problem encountered during the manufacturing process includes the lack of high precision jigs and fixtures for profiling of members and A-arms. The jigs and fixtures as per our designs are member specific making their procurement quite difficult.

The team managed by using makeshift jigs and multiple point referencing with respect to a local coordinate system and a global coordinate system. This course of action proved to be challenging and led to a delay in manufacturing process but in the end we were able to achieve a satisfactory level of accuracy in profiling of the members.

“I’m happy with the progress and the work being done by the technical team. Yes it is true that we have lost a few days, but any delay that we incurred was due to more external factors than internal” says Team Manager, Goheth Siddanth.

Exhilarating Experience

“Every Day in the workshop was like a theater play, we fought, we laughed, we played ,but we continued working no matter what. At the end of each day when the team left the workshop, they did with a stronger vision and a better understanding.” says Goheth. The relentless work and endless frustration incorporated a sense of responsibility, teamwork and team coordination among the team members.
“This wasn’t the first time that some of us (seniors) are working on a chassis of a car. But this was the first time we had the responsibility to ensure it was perfect and the feeling is nothing like it. It is a very thrilling experience.” asserts Pranav Gadamsetty, Transmission Head.

The team acknowledges the essential skill set they developed such as, on technical front, profiling and welding of tubes, drilling and grinding of metal and better understanding of various software.


The Road Ahead

The next step for structures subsystem is to fit the glass fiber bodywork onto the chassis with proper aesthetics and ensure minimum difference between the coefficient of drag obtained and the one which we estimated for analysis purpose. In vehicle dynamics subsystem, with the suspension box completed and the A-arms manufactured and painted they start with the placement procedure of the Arms onto the suspension box. The transmission components is to be mounted onto the chassis and tested.

We have already received motor controller, wiring components, vehicle dynamic and transmission parts, DAQ (Data Acquisition) components for the car and the work on them has begun.Procurement of other essentials such as motors, solar panels and battery and battery pack is in process and most of it will be obtained within the upcoming month.  

The team will resume work in the first week of August. The upcoming month will be dedicated towards the completion of bodywork and assembly of the car. The month after that will be dedicated to testing.

Once again we would like to thank our sponsors for all their support and belief in our cause.


SERVE : Our car for Sasol Solar Challenge 2014

The car for this season has been named as “SERVE ” which is an acronym for Solar Electric Road VEhicle” is four wheeled two passenger seater solar electric vehicle. The idea behind this car was that we wanted to show to the world that a solar electric vehicle is a viable alternative to internal combustion cars . The length of the car is 4.4m ,width of 1.75m and height of 1.28m and weighs only 400 kgs. It uses monocrystalline silicon solar panels which can generate a power of more than 1kW at an efficiency of 20% which charges a high power battery pack consisting of lithium ion cells which gives the car a range of 250+ kms.

The team has finished 90% of the chasis manufacturing process and would soon begin mounting various electrical components into it.

Stay tuned !

Random Designs!

The exams are over, and boy, and some exams they were. We have used a variety of terms to describe them, none of them can published uncensored. Everyone has gone back home for the summers, except for our motley crew, and a few other wandering souls like us. The campus has never been emptier. All the times I complained about too many people…yeah, I am taking that back.

On the team front, we got some good news. The designing phase is well and truly on. I have to say its kinda fun. Ideas have ranged from boderline lunatic to actually lunatic, peppered here and there with moments of brilliance which can be attributed to Murphy’s Law having run its course. Something is bound to go right, once everything that can go wrong has gone wrong.

This one was doing rounds. Credits to Varun. He is our in house artist. And a damn good one at that! You should see some of his other works. The things he could do with thermocol!

We aren’t actually going with this. As awesome as it is, we thought it is still a little bit out there. Plus with the whole commercial car thing going on, it would be more appropriate if we take one radical concept at a time, don’t ya think?
The electrical team has also been running around, looking for batteries. As much as it sounds like walking up to the next store and buying one, I have been assured that it is a lot harder than that.
And yes, the solar panels. I think we have finally settled on one. Sounds plenty fancy to me, these ones. Unfortunately, I have been ordered to keep them under wraps until they finalise the order.
Ooooo…oooo…here’s another one I found of the concepts floating around.
Looks cool, huh!?
Like everything cool and drawn on paper that you can find in the workshop, the credits for this one too, goes to Varun.
Thats all for today folks!
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