Meet us at Green Sumit 2014 !

Meet us at GREEN Summit 2014 from June 5-7 at White Orchid Convention Centre, Bangalore, India at our exhibit number A57 !



Testing the Agni 155R

Agni Motors was started in 2002 to develop and produce an improved version of the motors along with Cedric Lynch who is the chief technical officer of Agni motors and the inventor of the Lynch motor design.
Agni Motors are working with a number of organisations from Universities on student projects like Formula Student racing cars and solar powered cars to individuals wishing to develop their own electric vehicle, boat, planes to large multinationals.
We re proud to have their help and support !
Watch out as we test the 25KW (33.5 hp) permanent magnet DC motor using motor controller fro KELLY CONTROLS LLC.

SERVE : Our car for Sasol Solar Challenge 2014

The car for this season has been named as “SERVE ” which is an acronym for Solar Electric Road VEhicle” is four wheeled two passenger seater solar electric vehicle. The idea behind this car was that we wanted to show to the world that a solar electric vehicle is a viable alternative to internal combustion cars . The length of the car is 4.4m ,width of 1.75m and height of 1.28m and weighs only 400 kgs. It uses monocrystalline silicon solar panels which can generate a power of more than 1kW at an efficiency of 20% which charges a high power battery pack consisting of lithium ion cells which gives the car a range of 250+ kms.

The team has finished 90% of the chasis manufacturing process and would soon begin mounting various electrical components into it.

Stay tuned !