About Us

Solarmobil.manipal, a team of impassionate individuals, under the aegis of Manipal University, resolves to fabricate a completely solar powered car “.

Team solarmobil.manipal intends on implementing solar technology and integrating it into unique design envisaged by our very own technical posse with an aim of fabricating an entirely eco-friendly solar powered vehicle, promoting the use of alternative, renewable resources of energy in transportation. Solarmobil.manipal team is enriched with high levels of understanding and dedication, where no individual is treated differently, and every person is given the rights to speak, learn, decide and implement.

The Team

The Team with FREYR 1

Various subsystem seniors make it a point to pass on the knowledge to their juniors during the process of work in order to develop team knowledge and individual experience.


The Team with SERVe during the launch in Bangalore


Email:  team.solarmobil@gmail.com

Website: www.solarmobilmanipal.in

Facebook: SolarMobil.manipal



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