Crowdfunding Cheer!

Greetings from Team SolarMobil!
The overwhelming support that we have received towards our crowdfunding campaign has led us to feel extremely humbled. The encouragement and faith shown by our backers towards our cause has strengthened our belief manifold.

As the campaign gained publicity, the support grew exponentially beyond our expectations. The contributions crossed the goal amount within less than 15 days. It eventually reached over 150% of our target amount and featured amongst the ‘Most Trending’ campaigns on Ketto. Our campaign was also the ‘Most Active’ & the ‘Most Funded’ Technology campaign on Ketto.

The campaign was viewed by over 5000 people worldwide including countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore and UAE.

Right Side View SM-S1 (model)

(Top Right Side view SM-S1 prototype)

What confounds us is that the wave of support did not stop even after our goal amount was met! There is a general mutual acceptance of the fact that ‘The environment is a shared resource’ and we must all strive to protect it. While one person may not make a big impact on the environment by himself, it is the collective simple efforts of many concerned people like these that can help conserve nature.

We thank all our supporters for their gracious contributions and active participation in the campaign. The amount raised in the campaign would help us a great deal in making a better & a more eco-friendly car. We assure you that the funds raised from the campaign will be used for the right purpose and its effects would be visible in our next car.

Thankyou for that one last push to help us get over the finish line.

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