Project X : December Update

Greetings from team SolarMobil!

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work. Here at SolarMobil, every evening witnesses ideas, innovations and the zest to learn and explore more. Striving towards a revolutionary car, the team has entered the assembly phase of project 3.

Mechanical subsystem

Brackets have been successfully welded on the chassis and the vehicle dynamics components can be mounted on the chassis now. The dampers have been modified according to the need and mounted on the chassis as well. The mechanical subsystem is manufacturing hand brakes in-house to reach the desired expectation of the car.


Shaft Assembly

Electrical subsystem

The electrical subsystem which plays  a major role in amassing the electrical aspects of the car is not far from its goal either. It has received all the components and initiated the assembling phase . It has completed the testing of the procured sensors. Also, instrument panel interfacing is completed. The motors and motor controllers have been tested and are all set to be assembled into the car. The electrical subsystem is manufacturing battery pack in-house to fulfill the expectations of the new car. Moreover, PCB soldering is on the verge of completion. Every day we explore new horizons and the zeal to reach the new horizons keeps us going.


PCB Soldering

A project of this stature requires an extra kick to reach the finish line. The management subsystem endeavors to give that extra push by arranging for logistics, finance, sponsorship and sourcing all the required components for the team. The team is working incessantly towards gaining a larger reach, sourcing all the components and initiating more public relations. SolarMobil will be launching a crowdfunding campaign for the same.

We will get back with more updates on our team and projects, do stay connected.

Wishing everyone happy holiday from team SolarMobil!!


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