Every evening, MAHE Automobile Workshop lights up to explore science, ideas & creativity. Around 250 people from different fields of engineering gather to learn, innovate and create. From badminton playing robots and hi-tech drones to super-fast race cars and energy efficient passenger vehicles all on display in this 200 square yard compound.

In clockwise sense: SolarMobil, Team Manipal Racing, Formula Manipal and RoboManipal
Centre: Project Manas

Why come all the way to an automobile workshop every day, sit for hours, put in all the work and effort for a yearlong project? What makes us tick? What drives us?

“What drives us? I would say, the dream of building a race car, representing the country at Formula Student Germany, one of the most prestigious engineering design challenges in the automobile industry is what drives us.” says Ayush Garg, Team Leader Formula Manipal.

 Vivek Jaison, Design Head, Team Manipal Racing, is of the view that the thirst to finish what they started and see the car running with their own eyes is what brings him to workshop each day.

“It is simply a once in a lifetime opportunity, we are free to be creative and dream.” says Reuben M. John, Technical Head Project Manas.


The workshop environment is a hub of learning and creating.We see  Computer Science students working in Vehicle Dynamics or a Mechanical Engineering student working under an Electrical subsystem or an Aeronautical Engineer managing the whole team, branch has never been a limitation.

“It is very encouraging, it builds you up and at the same time very humbling as it exposes you to vast world of possibilities” says Vivek .

Sriram Polisetty, Team Head RoboManipal, believes that the presence of students from distinct backgrounds together in the workshop provides comprehensive work environment from everyone. “It is really a learning sphere” he adds.

“Very lively, exciting and friendly. We all learn something new each day. “  states Chanda ManuKoushik, Team Leader SolarMobil.


Being in the same compound has its perks .All the teams acknowledge the fact that the presence of other teams in the vicinity makes their work easier. Teams seek support from in each other in terms of mechanical tools, different contacts and technical guidance.

img_4768_cr2_embeddedMAHE Automobile Workshop, Eshwar Nagar

“We needed to use body panels in our car for a competition, for which we sought the help of SolarMobil, and they have been extremely helpful. “Says Reuben from Project Manas.

“Throughout the year, every team in the workshop has been helpful enough to give us whatever we need. At present, few of our tools are in transit from Germany and all the teams have been very supportive and have lent a helping hand. ” asserts Ayush from Formula Manipal.

ManuKoushik, believes that an obstacle within a team isn’t treated as just one team’s problem but all the teams join hands to overcome it. “A problem shared is problem halved” summarizes Koushik.


The feeling of mutual admiration and regard is something that can be seen across all teams.

“Formula’s passion and dedication is something we all really admire” admits Reuben.

Sriram from RoboManipal is of the view that Aero MIT’s work has been commendable, “as they have achieved a lot using few resources” he justifies.

I would say dedication shown by  RoboManipal” says Vivek from Team Manipal Racing.

“I really admire innovative and futuristic ideas such as Project Manas and SolarMobil.” states Ayush from Formula Manipal.

“All the teams are doing great work, even the youngest of teams like Mars Rover Manipal and Thrust MIT have made their mark in a very short period of time.” summarizes Koushik.


We, here at the workshop, are more than just acquaintances, we are unified by passion, determination and hard work.

“I think what really unites us is the fact that we all come here to learn something and make a difference in the society with the work we do” says Team Leader SolarMobil.

Vivek, from Team Manipal Racing believes that it is the drive and dedication in the work we do, that really brings us together.

I like to believe that we are all part of one big team, driving towards different goals but striving for excellence in whatever we do” sums up Ayush from Formula Manipal.


Like everyone else we too have our failures, we have our frustrations. These feelings and situations are inevitable, but still together we strive & survive. The support from college administration in making all of this possible, has been unparalleled.
It is not the big names or the laurels that make the MAHE Automobile Workshop what it is, but it is the passion, determination and the sense of responsibility towards the cause.

We may be divided in objective, but are truly united in purpose.