Structures and Aerodynamics

Greetings from SolarMobil!

Designing a car is like solving a jigsaw puzzle, and the Structures subsystem can be associated as the centre piece of the entire puzzle.
This centre piece for the new project is in the making now. Here is an insight on how we work:

chassisPic: The ladder part of the chassis.


The first thought that comes into the mind when you hear the word structures is that of truss or a beam but in reality the Structures subsystem incorporates a lot more to that. From designing the chassis to fabricating and to making the car aesthetically pleasing with a custom-made bodywork.

The Chassis

The third project has a hybrid of a tubular space-frame and that of a ladder chassis. It is a rare combination which worked wonders for us.
We have designed the ladder in such a way that we get high torsional rigidity. The space-frame gives us freedom in designing, placement and allows for easy load pathways.
The chassis is the base onto which all the other components are mounted. It incorporates a majority of the safety features involved in the making of the car according to the set rules. Our chassis is designed to mitigate the forces arising from the worst of crashes and still keep the passengers safe. It can bear a load of three times the weight of the car.

The Bodywork


The bodywork involves a lot of analysis as it needs to satisfy aerodynamic criteria and at the same time be manufacturable. This involves repetitive iterations and CFD analysis to make sure that the car remains in contact with the road at all times.
The body of the car is manufactured using glass fibre reinforced plastic. The body is given its shape by placing the fibre in moulds, applying a sealing resin and allowing it to set. The individual parts are then married to the chassis at a later stage.

The Ergonomics

Ergonomics forms the heart of every car and is a major factor in determining the ‘soul’ of the car.
Ergonomics is a vast area which specifies positioning of various components in the car cabin so that the driver is at least discomfort.


It also takes in issues such as visibility, comfort, safety and most importantly accessibility. Our car has been designed to allow for the driver and the passengers to exit the car within roughly about 7 seconds.


All in all, Structures and Aerodynamics Subsystem has put in a lot of determination to make the car easy to use. We aim to oust all our past ventures.

We thank our sponsors immensely for their encouragement and assistance in this massive undertaking and we are very grateful for their constant support.

And to all our readers, a very happy summer.

Team SolarMobil


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