Project X: Progress Update

Greeting from SolarMobil!

With SERVe being a massive success, Team SolarMobil is now working on its third project- X. We have already completed the project’s design phase and are currently working to complete the chassis.


Building the ladder frame. The team intends to complete the chassis by April 15

The team has been aiming to engineer a car keeping in mind to improve SERVe’s design, making the car safer, swifter and smarter.  This time we are working to incorporate improved ergonomics, increased top speed and better implementation of emergency and parking brakes for better safety.

The design phase has yielded optimum results, and with that, we enter the manufacturing phase.

Here’s to moving towards new ventures and looking forward to a greener future.

Keep Calm and Go Solar.


For crispy solar car photos, head to our Instagram @solarmobil_manipal