SolarMobil at Innofest 2015

We are proud to announce that team SolarMobil is headed for Innofest, 2015 to Bangalore.

We present to you SERVe.

(Solar Electric Road Vehicle)

Visit us at the Young Innovators’ Zone

At IISc Bangalore

On 22nd August 2015

From 10:00 a.m. onwards


Come and see for yourself the future of sustainable transportation.

See you there!! 🙂

Date: 22nd August 2015

Venue: Young Innovators’ Zone

JN Tata Auditorium Complex, IISc, Bangalore

C V Raman Ave,

Bengaluru, Karnataka 560012
Ph: 080 2293 2004



Greetings from Team SolarMobil!

Team SolarMobil would like to thank all its followers, mentors, sponsors and benefactors on the successful launch of our beloved car – SERVe (Solar Electric Road Vehicle). The team is grateful to Manipal University and Manipal Institute of Technology for nurturing the talents that constitute the backbone of the team. The institution(s) have been our primary benefactors since our inception in 2011.


SERVe was launched this April in Bangalore and unveiled at both Tata Power Solar and the FKCII Green Summit, 2015. As is evident from the extensive coverage we received from acclaimed news dailies and online publications such as Times of India, NDTV Auto, BBC Auto, and ScoopWhoop to name a few, SERVe has been able to capture the country’s imagination right from the onset. SERVe features aerodynamic curved design and runs on solar energy from its curved solar panels. The team received constructive criticism and was lauded by industry experts for its efforts.

SERVe- Solar Electric Road Vehicle

SERVe- Solar Electric Road Vehicle

SERVe is India’s first passenger solar electric vehicle which uses clean and free fuel with zero emissions and zero noise pollution. It has a high strength chassis and is lightweight. SERVe has an aerodynamic and aesthetic design obtained from the cut section of a tear drop. Custom made curved solar panels are used with energy generation at 17% efficiency. Further SERVe is energy positive, which basically means the car can not only generate enough energy for its own use but also supply power to an external grid.

SERVe has been able to showcase that passenger solar cars are not only a possibility but a necessity of the not so distant future. Imagine a world without all the depleting fuel we feel entitled to and replace it with cars that run on an energy source that is infinitely abundant! SERVe is one such step in that direction.

(To view the Tata Power Solar Launch Gallery, click here)

(To view SERVe in action, click here)

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Looking Ahead

The team seeks to improve on its work every year and thus has begun working on its third car. Buoyed by SERVe’s success and using it as reference, we at SolarMobil aim to build a new prototype and reach the American Solar Challenge, 2016. The competition is a 2000 km endurance race and is a melting pot of budding engineers and industry stalwarts who are vying for a cleaner and greener tomorrow. The challenge is backed by the Innovators Education Foundation (IEF) & the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA).

With the next car we aim to achieve greater speed and more power while focusing on driver ergonomics.

For more updates on the next car, catch us on our blog.

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Until then, cheers!


SolarMobil Manipal along with Tata Power Solar and Manipal Institute of Technology held a joint press conference on Industry – Academia Partnership in fostering innovation through the launch of SERVe – India’s first solar passenger vehicle prototype. We were invited to Tata Power Solar Head Office in Bangalore to showcase our car.

Tata Power Solar were very kind to provide us with custom built solar panels with 20% efficiency. They have exhibited great enthusiasm in supporting our project.

Tata Power Solar with 25 years of deep domain expertise, is one of the pioneering solar manufacturers in the world and India’s largest specialized EPC player.

We thank you Tata Power Solar !!