Why Solar cars ?

We all love cars, in fact it is the second most valuable possession we have after our houses. Our life is so much dependent on these machines, they give us a sense of freedom and the ability to move around in a fast and comfortable manner. It has become a necessity for every family and individual to own a car.
These are the reasons why we have more than 1.4 billion cars on road, in the world, with over 360 car companies manufacturing cars at a rate of 70 million every year. I hope these figures surely are matching the demand, we have created. I am not against the fact that we need these machines for our day to day works, but these cars come along with their dependency on fossil fuels. The total consumption of petroleum products in the world, as per available data in 2010 was 87,121 thousand barrels per day. We can imagine the amount of pollution caused by our very own cars.

Talking about the solutions, we should start adopting electric vehicles, but a huge amount of R&D is required in the field of storage devices, to make this market grow. So, why not promote a new technology that can be the answer to our worries, I am talking about the Solar Cars. This technology has been showing the world since 1987 that it has the immense potential to cross large distances and continents only by using the power from the sun. I don’t know why people find it so hard to believe, that a car can run using power from the sun. All the electrical and electronic devices are highly efficient, you even cut down on the noise pollution, with no tail pipes. It is just another hybrid car which has a solar roof generating energy during the day and thus charging the battery power and giving us an extended range.

Electric cars, are highly dependent on external charging ports thus again limiting our freedom, so the solution to this is why not have a solar roof which works as a range extender for your car, and not just that, everyday 60 percent of time our car is parked outside in the sun, siting idle. But in case of solar cars we can have constant generation of energy and then when the needs of the car is fulfilled it can be transferred to the grid with the help of suitable installations in parking lots. For the first time in the history of automobile sector we have a technology that is Energy Positive, let me explain this to you, in early days we fed horses with hay, then came our thirsty gasoline cars, electric cars dependent on electricity but now we have a car which provides us with energy, isn’t that amazing. People who still feel that this is not the right solution to the automotive sector can keep digging, while the sun shines ever brightly overhead. Let’s utilize the abundant energy nature has to provide us without harming it.

Team SolarMobil was formed in 2011 to work in this direction towards mastering this wonderful technology and build prototypes which would be tested to get results based on which a reliable family solar car could be built.
Students from Manipal Institute of technology are working hard to build India’s first family solar car, We present to you SERVe (Solar Electric Road Vehicle).

We students need your support to make this a reality.

SolarMobil’s Campaign is now live on https://www.wishberry.in/campaign/solarmobil/. Come support this wonderful initiative. And what’s more, you get amazing SolarMobil rewards for your donations too!!  Thank You for your support! Cheers!!