GREEN Summit 2014 , Bangalore

SolarMobil Manipal, a team of undergraduate students of Manipal Institute of Technology were invited to the Green Summit, Bengaluru organized by FKCCI to present their commercially viable self-designed and manufactured four seater solar car. The team came to the summit so as to spread the word and create awareness about their project. Their aim was to showcase their endeavor to the industry stalwarts and prove that a passenger car that runs solely on Solar Power is feasible.

The team plans to launch their car in the upcoming month and thereafter participate in the Sasol Solar Challenge in South Africa which will be a 2000km – week long challenge to be held in September.

Mr. Chetan Maini, founder and CEO of Mahindra Reva, was amongst the high profile individuals who visited the team’s corner. Mr. Maini, who himself as an undergraduate was a part of his University’s Solar team, appreciated the project and having previously backed SolarManipal gave words of wisdom and encouragement towards completion of project.

The team has found great support from the industry and some of the biggest patrons include Tata Power Solar and Element 14. However, despite that the team has continuously adopted innovative methods to raise more funds. “Adopt a Solar Cell” campaign being one of them, through which an individual can make contributions to the ambitious project.

Also the team has now moved to the exciting platform of crowd funding. The team members believe it is an innovative way to generate funds through the internet. It will help SolarMobil reach out to a wider audience of benefactors and help raise the necessary funds for completion of the car.

With the competition just around, the manufacturing of the car is complete with the only the body work and interiors remaining. Ensuring reliability of the car is of utmost importance for the challenge in South Africa. Therefore the team is doing a lot of testing and driver training to ensure success at the event.

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