Random Designs!

The exams are over, and boy, and some exams they were. We have used a variety of terms to describe them, none of them can published uncensored. Everyone has gone back home for the summers, except for our motley crew, and a few other wandering souls like us. The campus has never been emptier. All the times I complained about too many people…yeah, I am taking that back.

On the team front, we got some good news. The designing phase is well and truly on. I have to say its kinda fun. Ideas have ranged from boderline lunatic to actually lunatic, peppered here and there with moments of brilliance which can be attributed to Murphy’s Law having run its course. Something is bound to go right, once everything that can go wrong has gone wrong.

This one was doing rounds. Credits to Varun. He is our in house artist. And a damn good one at that! You should see some of his other works. The things he could do with thermocol!

We aren’t actually going with this. As awesome as it is, we thought it is still a little bit out there. Plus with the whole commercial car thing going on, it would be more appropriate if we take one radical concept at a time, don’t ya think?
The electrical team has also been running around, looking for batteries. As much as it sounds like walking up to the next store and buying one, I have been assured that it is a lot harder than that.
And yes, the solar panels. I think we have finally settled on one. Sounds plenty fancy to me, these ones. Unfortunately, I have been ordered to keep them under wraps until they finalise the order.
Ooooo…oooo…here’s another one I found of the concepts floating around.
Looks cool, huh!?
Like everything cool and drawn on paper that you can find in the workshop, the credits for this one too, goes to Varun.
Thats all for today folks!
You know what to do to help us out, because without your support all this is not going to translate into reality.
Here’s our site. Still waiting for the finishing touches on this one (http://solarmobil.net84.net/).
You could help us out this way (http://solarmobil.net84.net/adopt-a-solar-cell.html) too.
Until the next time then,
Solarsid, Solarmobil