Here We Are!

This has been some time coming, but we are finally here. After procrastinating for so long than Jones would be proud, Arvind finally came around to pushing the tiny ‘publish’ button.

We are the new team of Solarmobil, and we are setting out on the next big adventure. Dramatics aside, there has been a bunch of changes. We have many new faces going around, including me I suppose. And we have a new logo. Kinda smashing, if you ask me.

I thought it would be a good idea to start of with a recap, to introduce you to the old guard.

Ah! The pot bellied team leader, Anudeep, of debatable basketball skills that he seems to be particularly sensitive about. Nice guy; unless of course you are late for one of the team meetings. Then, you can almost see his non existent Uncle Vernon kind of¬†moustache bristling with anger. A touch of smoke steaming out of his ears wouldn’t be too out of place either. Also happens to possess the kind of gpa that rest of us are completely incapable of, put together.¬†On a more serious note, one of the most passionate guys about the work we do here.

Next up is Siva Bhushan Reddy. One look at him and you would be reminded of an overly sincere, slightly stuffy professor who would be more at home in front of a class of snoozing students, instead of the greasy world we call our workshop. But don’t let that fool you. Hand him a welding torch, and you will see the kind of transformation that we better know Betty for; a regular gunslinger.

Then there is Jeet, the jack of all trades. The term is quite often overused, considering nearly all teams at some point in time have had a self appointed messiah, but when the same guy is driving the guy, working on the solar panels, designing and manufacturing the bodywork, what are you gonna do, eh? He is also known for his speeches, the long winding ones, in the vein of the-sun-blows-up-and-all-life-ceases-to-exist-before-it-ends. On a more serious note…umm…with Jeet around there never is a serious note.

Samay, it would seem, is the new daredevil of the team. He decided to use the electric cutter and had a little accident, and then went around asking if his jeans were damaged. Glad to know he has his priorities straight. Also happens to be the Stephen Fry to Jeet’s Hugh Laurie.

I initially figures that this would be it, but then Hrishikesh went around and displayed to us, his limitless photogenic posing.


No. This is Not after a long, hard day of work, nor did he pull off an all nighter. This smack in the middle of the morning. His standard excuse seems to be something there being no electricity. I suppose one of should go and tell him about laptop batteries.

That’s all for today, folks! We’ll catch you again soon enough. For further updates, check this space out in the future or you could check out our site( We could really use some of you help(

Until the next time then,